Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions can affect many people in different ways. You might notice you get frustrated and angry easier, you feel sad more often, you have more self-loathing and perhaps even loathing of others more than you ever thought possible. Whatever way you express this will vary from person to person, but the important thing to remember is that it isn’t you, it isn’t who you are. These trapped emotions are like bricks of a twelve-story building. Each brick might represent each time you felt anger or sadness and each brick compounds the next.


Shame Spiral

ll been there on the shame spiral…you know those times when you continue to do something like, ‘self- flagellating’, something that you know just isn’t good for you, but you just keep doing it…?

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Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is a fantastic way to connect to your souls desire and hear what is important. This is also a way that you can connect to all areas of your world, so that you can get a bigger, clearer picture of what is happening.

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Love Strands

Let’s practise with psychic cords. These are like small hoses that psychically connect two people who then direct energy between each other.

The people you love are connected to you by these cords, filled with memories and joy. However these cords can be affected due to negative conversations or just simply not seeing eye to eye.


Healing Temple

his activity is a beautiful visualisation/meditation where you can create your soul healing temple. This is a magical space you can come to whenever you wish to heal your soul and energetic system.


Oneness vs Judgement

We find ourselves in judgement when we compare ourselves to others, when we are finding fault with others (or ourselves) and when we are in blame. Judgement has become a self-preservation tool run by our ego state to keep us ‘feeling good’.

When someone is perceived to be less than us, we feel a sense of being okay. Like we aren’t all that f@&!ed up after all. But it’s the very thing that keeps us stuck and not living to our full potential. When we find fault in others we are finding fault with ourselves. After all, we are a projection of what we feel inside. Not to mention, when we are sitting in judgement, along comes guilt to really kick us in the solar plexus and that hurts even more!


Muscle Testing Tips & Tricks

Muscle testing is a great way to connect into your soul and figure out what it is that you truly want or desire. Essentially muscle testing is where you can ask a question and get a yes or no response from your body. There are many forms of muscle testing.