Healing Temple

This activity is a beautiful visualisation/meditation where you can create your soul healing temple. This is a magical space you can come to whenever you wish to heal your soul and energetic system.

Firstly choose a natural space you wish to build this temple such as a mountain, island, beach or forest. Whatever calls you.

Then create your healing area within this space. You can include whatever you wish. An incredible view, a shower, spa or sauna. Maybe a natural waterfall. Be as detailed as you wish with this area. Look at the floor, the ceiling, the doorway. Create your own ambience that calls you.

Now create a space where you can lay your body to be healed. I prefer a space where I can almost levitate and visualise my entire body healing energetically at a cellular level.

This healing temple is yours to come to whenever your body desires it. This can be done as a meditation or even as you drift off to sleep.

Excerpt from Shan’s books ‘The Intuitive Adventure – The Magic of Following Where Your Soul Leads’ which has a collection of tools and activities to connect with your soul. Available in all good book stores, our shop here and Amazon.

Photo by Arnie Chou:

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