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Love Strands

Let’s practise with psychic cords. These are like small hoses that psychically connect two people who then direct energy between each other.

The people you love are connected to you by these cords, filled with memories and joy. However these cords can be affected due to negative conversations or just simply not seeing eye to eye.

Visualise this connection between yourself and someone who pops into your mind. Imagine blasting a cleansing water through this cord like a fire hose, completely removing any residual angst.
Next connect yourself (see page 22) and visualise pushing love from the very beginning of the cord all the way to the other person. Whilst doing this remember a joyful moment you have shared or what you love about them.

Continue this for as long as you wish. You should find the next time they pop into your mind, your heart feels lighter. You can do this whenever you wish, with family members, friends, anyone you really care about.

Ready to learn more?
Try an energetic conversation with this person. Visualise sitting down with this person and discussing heart to heart what is bothering you.

Excerpt from Shan’s books ‘The Intuitive Adventure – The Magic of Following Where Your Soul Leads’ which has a collection of tools and activities to connect with your soul. Available in all good book stores, our shop here and Amazon.

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