Muscle Testing Tips & Tricks

Muscle testing is a great way to connect into your soul and figure out what it is that you truly want or desire. Essentially muscle testing is where you can ask a question and get a yes or no response from your body. There are many forms of muscle testing. We have included in the book body swaying and the use of pendulums to begin with, and these are explained over the next couple of pages.

For more information and other ways to muscle test, watch the link below, and see how we have fun with muscle testing –

There are many ways that you can use muscle testing in your day to day life. The reason that we do this, is at times it can be really hard to connect in with what you desire, what food you would like for lunch, what outfit would light you up, in other words what is really important for you in that moment.

The Body Swaying method is where your body will sway to indicate the answers. For example, when you ask a question if the answer to it is yes – you will sway forward. If the answer is no – then you will sway backwards meanwhile a maybe leaves you swaying to the side.Although it seems to be a simple process, it is actually answering questions in a way that feels like your whole body is involved and therefor can feel more in touch with you.

So relax your body, bend your knees slightly and visualise a string holding your head up to the sky almost like a puppet. Ask a question and allow your body to move in the direction naturally.

Although it may take a little bit of time to trust what you are feeling, the process is wonderful for connecting to your soul and seeing what you truly desire.

So to begin with, pick up an item of food that you want and ask does this light me up to have for brekky/lunch? Find if your body moves towards it or away from it for your answer.

Or head to your wardrobe and find out what items of clothing would light you up today? Start by asking if the item is in the first half of your wardrobe, if not ask for the second half, and narrow it down from there.

(Excerpt from 40 Days of Rituals for connecting with your soul by Shannon Cox & Cheriee Dawson)

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