Oneness vs Judgement

We find ourselves in judgement when we compare ourselves to others, when we are finding fault with others (or ourselves) and when we are in blame. Judgement has become a self-preservation tool run by our ego state to keep us ‘feeling good’.

When someone is perceived to be less than us, we feel a sense of being okay. Like we aren’t all that f@&!ed up after all. But it’s the very thing that keeps us stuck and not living to our full potential. When we find fault in others we are finding fault with ourselves. After all, we are a projection of what we feel inside. Not to mention, when we are sitting in judgement, along comes guilt to really kick us in the solar plexus and that hurts even more!

One of the tools I used which I found in one of the many books I was reading at the time on Manifesting was a beautiful meditation, to bring us back to oneness. What I found is that if we learn to lean into our hearts and see we are one, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when we can finally see that we are enough, just as we are and all of those around us is a direct reflection of who we see in the mirror.

The Kundalini Meditation is perfect to bring us back to oneness. To realise nothing separates us from one another or the Universe. The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal. Yet we spend so much time feeling separated instead of feeling compassion understanding and whole and unified. This is partly because of the world we live in today, with the media placing so much value on status, looks and material wealth.

We are always made to feel less than and thus we are sitting in judgement a lot. Judgment of self and judgement of others. This beautiful Kundalini meditation is designed to remind us that we all have a shared essence that is beyond our physical body.

This meditation celebrates the connection we have to others through our shared connection to the Universe.


I am thine In mine Myself

Wahe Guru Humee Hum tunes us into our consciousness,

Tumee Tum accepts that we are one with the other person’s consciousness.

Wahe Guru means that we are both connected to the Universe.

Then we chant, “I am Thine, in mine”, to project our consciousness of our personal self to the infinite self.

Sitting comfortably with a straight spine to open the portal between our spirit to the Divine, place your right fist at your side with the index finger pointing up, and place the left hand over the heart centre. Accompany this meditation with I Am Thine by Jai Jagdeesh will enhance the experience.

Oneness is an excerpt from Hayley Latham’s Book – Be You, Do You, For You. This is available in our store via kindle or paperback through Amazon.

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