Are you ready… for this Jelly!? That’s right Jealousy!

I don’t think your ready, for this jelly…

Okay beautifuls… We are talking all things jelly this week! That’s right, jealousy!

It can be such an ugly word but what is it really there to show us.

In this podcast we learn that honouring ourselves when we are in the thick of it is so important to our healing, we need to go through it and embrace learning more about ourselves.


Stories from the Haters

In this episode we talk ‘shadows’.

Are those ‘haters’ actually just a mirror image of those shadows we’re afraid to ultimately look at and how we can all benefit from embracing those parts of ourselves after all.


Mother wound

How is mother wound keeping you playing small?

And how do we embrace all of ourselves in the many roles we embody?

You are not alone, beautiful girl…

In this episode, we help Hayley release some belief systems around her relationship which had a connection to her mother wounds. Real, raw, vulnerability is shared, finding where we belong and our need to feel safe.

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I am female… WTF!

This week we take a look at what being a female means to us…

Are our belief systems patriarchal lines, generational or something else?

This is a PODCAST that needs to be put on your MUST LISTEN TO because this conversation really gives you the permission to be you in every way, knowing that it’s perfectly okay.


Being your own Cheerleader!

We give space around us for those to feel like they can head for their desires and are we allowing those around us to support us with our desires?

And how do we be vulnerable with our desires and what we truly want?


I am being triggered…. Yes!

So you were Triggered...what to do about it... what's the science behind what's actually happening and what the F#$@ can I do about it!?! Is this pain showing you something and if so how do I find out more? Who knows you might be like us and c ...


Chocolate, Sex or Cleaning

(EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING) Yes we are talking all things emotional avoidance!

When it comes to obsessively devouring those timtams or those crazy cleaning days or even sex at times…what are we avoiding?

Could your emotions be the real cause…?

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Motherhood – It can suck!

And this week we are talking motherhood… It can suck! But it can be one of the most rewarding yet taxing experiences known to man… or woman we should say!

We figure it was time to address these, so we do not feel alone. We are talking beliefs we have picked up ourselves from young ages and their affects, motherhood guilt, living with teenagers and dealing with adult children. We are wading through the mud, so you can get to the lessons.