Shift your BS, Goddess!
Shift your BS, Goddess!
Are you ready... for this Jelly!? That's right Jealousy!

I don’t think your ready, for this jelly…

Okay beautifuls… We are talking all things jelly this week! That’s right, jealousy!

It can be such an ugly word but what is it really there to show us.

In this podcast we learn that honouring ourselves when we are in the thick of it is so important to our healing, we need to go through it and embrace learning more about ourselves.

Don’t mind the cuffufle midway when Cheriee and Hayley absolutely lose their shit from an inside joke that Shan sheds some light on… let’s just call it an afternoon delight!

We discover that normalising these emotions we experience is so important because they are all apart of us and our biggest guides in what we are here to learn.

We also learn what a pattern break is, we learn how we can use visualisation with our imagination to heal.

And most importantly we discover the real meaning behind jelly and what a beautiful gift it can be from the Universe.

Stay tuned next week when we bring in a magic and miracles, all things manifesting and invite you to journey with us on a manifesting challenge.

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