Shift your BS, Goddess!
Shift your BS, Goddess!
Being your own Cheerleader!

This is a fascinating look into how easy it is to be the supporter role to help other people whether it is partner or children, at work….

and we may toot our horn on how much we do for those around us or maybe we don’t!

We are looking at when we actually want to do something for ourselves – that maybe no one else benefits from and shifting the BS and getting out of the shame vehicle that comes from this. Oh yes, it became a full vehicle we were driving around trying to work out how we can wind the windows down or even if we can get out of it!

The question is who is our cheerleader?

We give space around us for those to feel like they can head for their desires and are we allowing those around us to support us with our desires?

And how do we be vulnerable with our desires and what we truly want?

We discuss Muscle Testing in this episode. For more information, have a look here.

And the Shame Spiral is also discussed. Head here to learn more.

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