Shift your BS, Goddess!
Shift your BS, Goddess!
I am female... WTF!

This week we take a look at what being a female means to us…

That our gender doesn’t necessarily define us. And how we can bring our feminine into all the various hats we wear in our life.

What masculine and feminine actually means and how you can use this in your daily life.

We take a look at how our childhood shaped our beliefs around being female, how to embrace our feminine and how we have the ability to lean into our masculine and feminine and how to navigate that.

Are our belief systems patriarchal lines, generational or something else?

This is a PODCAST that needs to be put on your MUST LISTEN TO because this conversation really gives you the permission to be you in every way, knowing that it’s perfectly okay.

Warning, there may be some talk about the clitoris which could be a taboo subject for some!

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