Shift your BS, Goddess!
Shift your BS, Goddess!
Mother wound

How is mother wound keeping you playing small?

And how do we embrace all of ourselves in the many roles we embody?

You are not alone, beautiful girl…

In this episode, we help Hayley release some belief systems around her relationship which had a connection to her mother wounds. Real, raw, vulnerability is shared, finding where we belong and our need to feel safe.

From hiding ourselves to trying to heal on our own in this episode we look at the importance of finding our tribe, ‘support crew’ and incorporating rituals into our daily lives to be all of ourselves in every way.

We look at how we can make it lighter and easier by understanding that mother wound can be just as simple as inner child healing.

By finding the things that we need, rather than worrying about what others need, we can really show our child self that they matter and that it is safe for us to ask for what we need to be all that we desire to be.

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