Shift your BS, Goddess!
Shift your BS, Goddess!
Motherhood - It can suck!

And this week we are talking motherhood… It can suck! But it can be one of the most rewarding yet taxing experiences known to man… or woman we should say!

We figure it was time to address these, so we do not feel alone. We are talking beliefs we have picked up ourselves from young ages and their affects, motherhood guilt, living with teenagers and dealing with adult children. We are wading through the mud, so you can get to the lessons.

Cheriee talks about dealing with other peoples expectations, while Hayley is learning to allow her children to be their own people.

And Shannon shares her dealing with 2 tech heads over the school holidays while having her own version of what school holidays ‘should’ look like.

We talks about ways to come back to what you really want and manifest what you want and before you know it, Shannon has a mini breakthrough in clearing the BS about having a window of time to impact her kids lives.

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