Do you want to:

🌙 Learn new ways to trust your heart and know what lights you up

🌙 Find out what your soul REALLY wants and how to TRUST it

🌙 Remind yourself how to relax, and bring this in to your day to day life

Our Shift your BS Weekends are coming!!

So what happens?

This is a gorgeous weekend where you connect back to you, learn how to hear your soul and remember what it is like to trust yourself!


Including: Crystal Grids, Essential Oil Blending, Journaling & Freewriting

The practices, rituals and processes we bring to the beautiful souls that journey with us on our weekends receive new ways to discover what it is that lights them up on a daily basis. 
You will have the ability to connect with your soul and find ways move forward as your awareness grows into the Goddess within.  
You will come away with an understanding of how to manifest using an array of tools and practices.   
Where each day is easier, clearer, brighter and lighter in accomplishing your goals and ultimately experiencing more confidence, motivation and joyful cheer than you’ve ever experienced because you now have the tools to self-heal & trust yourself.


Neural-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Affirmation creation, Daily Practices

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to you in a safe space to release the old, and allow the new you to shine.  This is through many proven science-based methods including NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy to bring your unconscious into your conscious so that you can finally begin to live in alignment with all the things you’ve wanted to be, do and have.

From releasing old habits, to finding your self-worth.

We look after you every step of the way in our Rapid Transformational processes to help you release trapped emotions and see your value and worth today.

INVESTMENT:  $1250 includes 2 full days of deep transformational healings, and rituals to support you

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