Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions can affect many people in different ways. You might notice you get frustrated and angry easier, you feel sad more often, you have more self-loathing and perhaps even loathing of others more than you ever thought possible. Whatever way you express this will vary from person to person, but the important thing to remember is that it isn’t you, it isn’t who you are. These trapped emotions are like bricks of a twelve-story building. Each brick might represent each time you felt anger or sadness and each brick compounds the next.


I am being triggered…. Yes!

Shift your BS, Goddess!
Shift your BS, Goddess!
I am being triggered.... Yes!

So you were Triggered…what to do about it…

what’s the science behind what’s actually happening and what the F#$@ can I do about it!?!

Is this pain showing you something and if so how do I find out more?

Who knows you might be like us and come away with a new way to handle your triggers where you could even learn to celebrate them!


Chocolate, Sex or Cleaning

(EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING) Yes we are talking all things emotional avoidance!

When it comes to obsessively devouring those timtams or those crazy cleaning days or even sex at times…what are we avoiding?

Could your emotions be the real cause…?